Measuring Your Wall

All walls come in all shapes and sizes, i can assure you if your wall is smooth and flat wallpaper can be applied
just follow these simple steps to ensure you get the right size wallpaper to brighten any room in your home.

Measuring Standard Walls for a Mural

For the width measure the width of your wall edge to edge, and for the height measure down from the ceiling to the top of you skirting board, we recommend taking both extreme left and right measurements as they often differ taking the largest measurements.

Measuring a Slanted Wall for Wallpaper

The wallpaper will be supplied as rectangle so please take the largest sizes on the width and heights and ignore any odd shapes the excess on the wallpaper will simply be trimmed to fit (consider your image in relation to your shaped wall).

How to Measure Walls with Doors and/or Windows

Measure your wall as you would a typical square or rectangular wall and on installing simply cut around these obstacles when hanging.

Helpful Tips

Preparing your wall is fundamental in the finished quality of your wallpaper, taking the extra time to ensure your wall is smooth and lump free will enhance your wallpaper as the it can only be as good as the surface its laid on.

Need Help?

We are always happy to help so please get in touch with one of our staff at