How It Works

All walls come in different shapes and sizes, at Feature Wall we can assure you that if your wall is smooth and flat, wallpaper can be applied. Just follow these simple steps to ensure you get the right size wallpaper to brighten any room in your home or business.


Typical Square or Rectangular Wall

Width: measure the widest part of your wall edge to edge.

Height: measure down from the highest point of your wall to the top of your skirting board.

We recommend taking both extreme left and right, up and down measurements to ensure that you capture the best possible dimensions of your wall.

*We will always add 5cm to the maximum width and height you provide as no wall has perfect dimensions; and you can always trim away the excess.


Slanted or Oddly Shaped Walls

The wallpaper will be supplied as a rectangle so always take the largest width and height possible. The excess on the wallpaper can simply be trimmed to fit, (consider your image in relation to a perfectly proportioned wall based on the maximum width and hight).


Walls with Obstacles (i.e., doors/windows)

Measure your wall as you would a typical square or rectangular wall and on installing simply cut around these obstacles when hanging. If in doubt just get in touch and we will help you the best we can.


DIY Installation

To achieve the best results, we recommend that two people hang the wall mural together. If you are having an alternative professional install to Feature Wall, please wait until your mural arrives and you have checked it out before scheduling them.

We cannot guarantee the product if you do not follow the comprehensive installation guide that comes with your wall mural.