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How do I find the perfect image? If you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalogue, simply use the search bar on the home page or in the right top corner to search over 1milion+ images from the adobe stock library.

What material is best for commercial use? One piece wallpaper is our go-to for commercial use and combined with owner commercial install service we can also offer liquid anti-graphiti / anti-microbial lamination, please get in touch for more info. Contact us.

Can I upload my own image? At this moment in time, we don’t have that feature on our website, but please get in touch via our contact us page with relevant information regarding the size of your wall and we can try to help from there.

What are the materials made from? Please view our materials page for more info on our selection.

How should I prepare my wall for a mural? It is extremely important that your wall is ready to accept a mural. By preparing your wall mural correctly for installation, you will have a straightforward and easier installation process. Prior to hanging your wall mural, make sure your wall is properly primed and sealed. Visit our page on How to Install a Mural for more information.


Print and Delivered

Can you install the mural yourself? Yes, the print and delivered wallpapers are made easy to install like traditional wallpaper making them only 40 – 70cm wide.

Don’t want to install this yourself? Check out our one-piece install service in selected areas around the country.

What tools do I need to install wallpaper? Installing our ”print and delivered” wallpaper murals does not require specialised tools: tape measure, pencil, spirit level, knife or scissors, clean cloth and roller, if you use our ‘Paste the Wall’ wallpaper.

Is the wallpaper paste included for ‘’paste the wall’’ murals? Yes, we provide the paste required to install your mural.

Does the mural come in panels? Yes. All our products under Print and delivered wallpapers are supplied in equal panels. All panel lengths will be 5cm larger than the height of your wall mural, and the overall combined width of all the panels will be 5cm larger, so when they are hung, each panel will bump up to the adjacent panel, giving you plenty of bleed to ensure a perfect fit. All of your panels will be the same width.

I have purchased a print and delivered wallpaper but I have changed my mind. Can you install it? Unfortunately, no, we will only install our one-piece wallpaper.

How do I hang my wallpaper straight? You should use a spirit level and a pencil to create a straight guideline down your wall before you install your wallpaper. You can then line up the first panel straight. Then, butt up the other panels to ensure a straight wall.

How do I clean the wallpaper? Wall murals can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Using warm water and a clean, damp sponge or cloth, gently wipe the surface. Chemical detergents should not be used on your mural as this could ruin it.

What if I damage a panel and it becomes unusable during installation? This rarely happens; however, we are able to print individual panels if required. If this happens to you, please contact our team for assistance and we will be happy to help.

What is the most durable wallpaper? If you are putting your wallpaper on a wall that will be subject to wear and tear, we recommend choosing our Premium “Paste the Wall’ wallpaper since it is a heavier material.

How long can wallpaper last for? Wallpaper lifespan depends on the environment in which it is installed. For high footfall areas, choose our Premium “Paste the Wall” wallpaper. Our “Peel and Stick” wallpaper is not suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens where steam may be present.


Print and Installed

With this service do I need to prepare my wall for a mural? Before our team arrives, it is extremely important that your wall is ready to accept a mural. As part of our print and install service, it is essential that the wall is in good condition, as if it is not then the installation will be aborted. Please check our T&C for more information in this situation.

What tools do I need to install wallpaper? Our “print and installed’’ wallpaper murals do not require any tools. Only that the intended wall is prepared with any old wallpaper removed and is smooth ready for wallpaper application.

Does one piece wallpaper installation have any limitations? Yes there are. We will only install once piece wallpaper on ground/floor level environments. Areas not suitable for one-piece wallpaper installations: ceilings & upstairs leading areas that require special access.

For example, if the wall is over a flight of stairs on a landing we would not be able to install this without special access/scaffolding.